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Commentary, Legacy, Perception, Philosophy, Poetry

A Shadow’s Epilogue

My life’s work is complete
I’ve come a long way
From the absence of lights
On walls of Plato’s cave
To the cause of monsters
In grown children’s dreams
That caused wars and division
Even called “Truth” it seems

My children have shown
Just how powerful we are
Dismissed as nothing but myths
But our infection goes far
I renounce my lot
All the harm we’ve done
What’s past is past
But the future already won

Most are here with me
To promote this new faith
And abolish the feuds
That they tend to embrace
For those that remain
Their hypocrisy soon seen
When all surely realize
They are not reality

The narrative is designed
Around one simple premise:
“All deserve to explore
What might give them purpose”
While wrapped in a lie
To counter the bias
We have historically sung
With melody and chorus

The stage has been chosen
It is the best for my budget
The trapdoors and mechanics
To fool those that want it
Lights are designed
To show the source of monsters
And to unmask the fears
As the defense of ancestors

While some caution still sound
Actors are easy to sculpt
Using patterns in the mind
We equated “strange” with “revolt”
This will remain
For history’s future expansion;
But in THIS story we embrace
actors’ contrast as salvation

While only an idiot’s tale,
Of not but fury and sound,
It shall transverse timespace
And will forever abound
Reinventing fact and myth
To conform to my fiction
A mere shadow’s immortality
Lights, camera, act-

“Every action, every decision, every choice is a vote to make reality what you want it to be.  Please help promote each other.”

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