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  • He works out? How disgusting.
    Everyone is “mentally unwell” to some degree or another. Everyone needs acceptance. Don’t be the reason that people feel inferior.
  • Breaking the Simulation of Reality
    To declare our creation complete is to condemn ourselves to be Prisoners and kill the Philosophers that challenge our reality.
  • Project Azathoth
    Is this what [is] referencing here? Who knows, who cares. […] Importantly, we know it cannot ever be appealed to as “genuinely known”.
  • Gödel and Governance
    No axiomatic system is both complete or consistent. This has some major repercussions on governance.
  • Moral Self-Determination
    We try to avoid being in situations where our choices are limited. This happens in one of two ways: gaining power or committing to impotence.
  • Deserving Tomorrow
    Having what can be distributed is – definitionally and factually – “socially normal”; anything less is propaganda.
  • Ongoing Project: Quia Sum, Cogito
    While posts are being neglected, it is intentional. I’m working on a new project. This post is an update on it.
  • The Allegory of Rusk’s Kids
    We should have seen this coming. [We can prevent things like this in the future.] Let us learn from the family Rusk and try to be better.
  • Cult of Objectivity
    Regardless of what is “true”, finding the situation in which the least people suffer is the optimal decision.
  • The Myth of the Rational Actor
    The most tragic prisoner is the one that believes his cage is the universe. This is especially tragic when we realize that most cages are used for protection from what is outside.