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  • The Privilege of Topical Death
    If a person has the concept of a topic, but no reference for the idea; they are a topical zombie.
  • Bridging The Is-Ought Gap
    Any “is” statement can be demoted to an “ought” statement simply by disagreeing with it.
  • He works out? How disgusting.
    Everyone is “mentally unwell” to some degree or another. Everyone needs acceptance. Don’t be the reason that people feel inferior.
  • Breaking the Simulation of Reality
    To declare our creation complete is to condemn ourselves to be Prisoners and kill the Philosophers that challenge our reality.
  • Project Azathoth
    Is this what [is] referencing here? Who knows, who cares. […] Importantly, we know it cannot ever be appealed to as “genuinely known”.
  • Gödel and Governance
    No axiomatic system is both complete or consistent. This has some major repercussions on governance.
  • Moral Self-Determination
    We try to avoid being in situations where our choices are limited. This happens in one of two ways: gaining power or committing to impotence.
  • Deserving Tomorrow
    Having what can be distributed is – definitionally and factually – “socially normal”; anything less is propaganda.
  • Ongoing Project: Quia Sum, Cogito
    While posts are being neglected, it is intentional. I’m working on a new project. This post is an update on it.
  • The Allegory of Rusk’s Kids
    We should have seen this coming. [We can prevent things like this in the future.] Let us learn from the family Rusk and try to be better.